Monday, July 26, 2010

WARbots From Rebel Minis

I can finally exhale! I've been holding on to these for a year, now. "These", as in Rebel's new release, the WARbots. It was a wild ride, getting these things done, from lost packages to multiple reworks to get the look just right. Seeing the final product, it was worth it.

Out of a dozen or so accessories, Mike chose a standard sprue, and accepted my suggestion for an anti-armor, or Tankbuster, sprue. The standard sprue will enable you to field a battlefield bot capable to taking on all comers in ranged or close combat.

You can also create a hand-to-hand bot from the standard sprue, one which can stab through crew hatches with its heavy vibroblade or deflect incoming fire with its shield.

The Tankbuster sprue is a can-opener special, able to rip pieces off of enemy mechs or tanks, or blow them to bits with its paired missile launchers. Very nasty.


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