Friday, April 22, 2011

Griffin WIP, Part 2

Here is the second installment of the Griffin build for Conflict Horizon, a new client and emerging company that I've taken on. CH is just starting up, and I wanted to help.

From the initial source art, I created a rough bulk out of the shapes. I then refined these into poseable legs and upper arms, and added some structural detailing as well.

Dallas Walker, the principal behind Conflict Horizon, wanted a very modular and poseable mech, despite the smaller intended size.

Thus, I had to make striking shapes that flowed, but also allowed a large degree of movement. Here's the first forming of that vision.

The torso joins at the hips with a ball and socket, allowing torso twists in any direction. The shoulders are also on ball and sockets, though they are smaller in size and range of movement. Also, the jet pack that occupies the upper rear torso, a real signature of the design, is in place.

More to come.

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