Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gila For Sale From Rebel Minis

When the Gila was first described to me by Rebel Mike a year or so ago, I figured, "eh, we'll just do a dune buggy and that will be all she wrote." Wrong.

The Gila quickly took on a life of its own during sculpting. It wasn't just some sand rail with a pop gun mounted to the top. It became a sort of sci-fi Baja 1000 trophy truck, nicely armored, full suspension, with a gunner's platform and three new weapons. The perfect thing for hit and run attacks out in the wastelands.

I like when a build evolves in front of you. This was one of them. The Gila turned out to be a great little fast attack vehicle, and now it's up for sale from Rebel. I look forward to seeing both Earth Force and Sahadeen examples painted up, since it was intended to be the workhorse for both factions out in the rust and dust of the Martian deserts.


PS Beautiful paintjobs courtesy of Jeff Racel.
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