Saturday, February 19, 2011

28mm Scale Weapons For MERCS, Part 3

Well, here's the third and final weapon I did for Mercs Minis new Sefadu range. It was labeled the assault rifle on the source art. Having just done the shotgun and sniper rifle beforehand, I got to work.

I started out with an initial bulk out, just to get the feel for the shapes, and their proportions to each other. This is done usually by extruding out lines traced over the source art, and then scaling and moving them around accordingly.

Then, after a few clarifications and feedback from the client, I add a few things in. The squarish bit is intended to be a more cylindrical sight, with mount, so I put that in there. The source art gave us some options on how this thing fed and ejected cartridges, so we refined it a bit, and added an inclined magazine well, and ejection port.

Here's the fused and approved version. The tiny detailing and cleanup are done, and life is good.

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