Sunday, February 21, 2010

ScorpionMech Re-Started!

Well, I've wrapped up another project for Rebel, so here's what's next on the list of vicious things to conjure up from the digital aether. I made an attempt at this before, back in September of 2009, but had to shelve it when the roof caved in on my prototyping time. Now, things are better, and I'm able to make things up to my clients.

Last year, I did a couple of animalistic mechs for Comfy Chair, most notably the Spidermech and the Wolfmech. Following Bob Mervine's great source art, I've started work back up on the Scorpionmech. Detailing will be with a neo-steampunk bent, with a seasoning of goth. Like the other builds, nothing will really lock this into one scale, so you'll be able to utilize it wherever your gaming needs dictate.

Anywho, here's the first bit I've done up for the new version of the Scorp. Comfy Chair has envisioned this as the close-combat heavy hitter in their upcoming Wildfire 6mm mech game. Considering the large number of claws and saws this thing has as options, I would say they're right on the money.

Here's the first implement of doom I knocked out, a rotary cutting saw.

And here is the source art Comfy Chair provided. Legs will be an arrangement similar to the Spidermech.

Comfy Chair builds are pretty stream-of-consciousness, so updates will be pretty frequent.


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