Friday, June 26, 2009

Wolfmech Weaponry

Comfy Chair has given me a bit of leeway when it comes to design aspects of their mechs. I like that. One thing I like doing is making components in a client's product line have a bit of modularity, so that pieces can be swapped out and new versions of different vehicles can be created by the end user.

I also like throwing in freebies from time to time. Bob at Comfy Chair is a good guy to work for, so I like putting in extra bits at no charge. Bob's original design called for a new set of mini-guns to fit into the rear legs' hip joints. I've designed those, as you can see, but I went a step further. I fabbed up a double missile launcher, and a double light energy weapon. The peg size is the same as the previous weapons I crafted for the Spidermech, so everything will interchange, but the size of the round base is slightly reduced.

I also threw in a t-type turret, that will enable the end user to use pairs or combos of any Comfy Chair mech weapons in a side-by-side configuration. The new weapons are on this new t-turret for demonstration purposes.
I also mocked up a Wolfmech with paired Standard gatlings on a t-turret, along with the minigatlings on their hip mounts. It's a lead-spraying machine!

Well, on to final detailing. Expect bolts, rivets, and a few pieces of detail plating as the design gets closer to final approval.


John Bear Ross
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