Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dayshift Is Officially Murder

Yup, it's official. Three weeks on day shift, and I've had exactly one hour of time to prototype. Brutal. From creative creature-of-the-night to daytime slave-to-the-grind in the space of three weeks. Dayshift is murder.

I am getting some design work done, but it's mostly sketches born of boredom. My clients should write me off as being trapped in a coma, for all the good I'm doing them.

There is a light of hope, though. Mark Mondragon, and others, have stepped up, and made the best of my bad situation. Congrats to Mark and the others that are getting the work I've had to shunt or re-direct. They're doing great stuff. Check out Mark's stuff on the blog I've linked to.

Also, Mars McCoy is moving closer to publication. Maybe the writing bug will bite, since I can't manage to find time to prototype anymore. We'll see.

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