Project Raptor (Block One) Launches On Cults3D

 Project Raptor met with lots of praise and attention on The Makers Cult's Patreon download for May 2022.

Now that it is June, I'm able to offer it for sale to the general public.  Hopefully you!

Here's the link...

Here's the sales text from the link, in case you don't want to click through (part story, part sales pitch, so bear with me)


Found in shattered datacores on the nuked-out remains of a nameless, forgotten planet, the schematics for Project Raptor are a classic data pattern for combat walkers.

The descendant armored units of Project Raptor can be found throughout the Universi. It is a rugged, simple platform capable of forward reconnaissance missions, combat patrols, infantry support, and exhibition warfare in numerous mech arenas.

Easy to pilot, easy to maintain because of the universal availability of spare parts, and hard to kill because of its speed and low profile, the multiple variants of Project Raptor are guaranteed to stride across the battlefields of countless planets and realities.

The Raptor A variant is a intergalactic (some whisper even interdimensional) workhorse in combat. Issued en masse to junior pilots, its sleek nature and lesser armor gives it excellent speed and agility, enabling it to hit, fade, and flank the enemy to hit them from another unexpected direction.

While most Project Raptor hull components are capable of interchanging (modularity was a keyword of the original, extinct designers), the standard combination of A-variant hull and A-variant legs is referred to as "The Classic."

The Classic can mount auxiliary weapons on a chin hardpoint, as a remote-operated station above the pilot' hatch, or as a separate weapons station that rides on the dorsal hull.

Thousands of armies across thousands of worlds and realms have hung weapons on the Raptor A.
Autocannons, rotary gatling/gorloff cannons, molten matter projectors, conversion beam weapons, heat ray cannons, gravitic implosion cannons, and rapid-fire lasers.

One would be remiss to mention the multitude of crushing and cutting weapons designed and made for the Raptor. The swift battle walker can function as well in close combat as it does in distance warfare, if properly equipped.

The original datacore resurrected by Project Raptor contained dozens of implement schematics for conflict at ballistic and intimate ranges.

The sturdy, resilient nature of the Raptor gives it the ability to function as a test bed for other experimental weapons, as well, since the chassis' reliable performance is one less variable to account for when developing new combat technologies.

Project Raptor is my attempt to make a small, fast mech that can be used in multiple genres, from grimdark to far-flung-future tabletop games.

It is optimized for magnetization with 8mm x 2 or 3mm Neodyminium Magnets. I usually source mine in bulk from Amazon, but I have also found them at my local hardware store.

IF you're still wanting to magnetize, I recommend you pick up some #6 steel washers (no brass, no stainless steel). For metric countries, I have found M4 or M3.5 steel washers with an outer diameter of 8 or 9mm work, as well.

If you don't want to magnetize, cool. I have sculpted an 8mm plug that has a different texture on each side. Just print and glue these small pucks into the cavities that would normally host a magnet.

Advice and instructions for 3D printing, post-processing, and glues are included in the PDF instructions.

-Hull and Legs for Raptor A Variant are included.
-All available weapons for distance and close combat weapons I offer, as well.
-100mm Base
-Standing and Based Waldo reference figure

Waldo sculpted by Patrick Keith of Bombshell Minis.

With your purchase, you are licensed to print unlimited copies of these files for personal use.

I'm a solo artist with a nasty caffeine habit, though, so please don't share, trade, or give them away.

Commercial printing is done under separate licenses, so please respect my partners, too.




Now, here's some pics...


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