Third Stretch Goal Breached, and Fourth In Sight. Plus, MegaTanks!

 The third stretch goal for the Viper Suit Kickstarter Campaign fell a few days ago, unlocking off-world colonial stowage for use in your 15mm and 28mm sci-fi games.

Now, the fourth goal, remastered combat and repair drones, is within striking distance.  

The campaign ends at the end of the week (it's Monday, as of this writing), so let's see if we can get to $2500 and get some CATs sculpted!

To help boost the numbers, please share the word about the campaign, and/or add some of these discount STL files to your pledge.

You'll notice in there are the newly-named Renegar-Class MegaTanks!

These monsters, optimized for 15mm or 28mm, are gargantuan!

So, jump in, Viper Pilot, and help get us across that finish line in style.




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