Patrick Keith Remasters Waldo! Viper Suit Kickstarter Ends Tonight!

 Secret stretch goal unlocked!

Patrick Keith, of Reaper and Bombshell Minis fame, was kind enough to remaster Waldo, my longtime size reference figure.

We weren't sure if the resculpt would fit into Patrick's busy schedule, so I didn't advertise it, but he was able to squeeze it in, and now it's a secret stretch goal!  All backers will get a standing and cockpit-seated Waldo.

How great is that!

I'm blown away at seeing the little guy done with a master's touch.

Great job, Patrick.

Mr. Keith runs his own shop, by the way.  Bombshell Minis does beautiful pulp fiction and raygun-esque figures in digital and resin.  Check it out.

The Kickstarter for the 28mm Viper Suit ends tonight!  Share and pledge.




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