Last Day For The 28mm Viper Suit STL Kickstarter

 Gang, you've done a gangbusters job of getting the word out and supporting the 28mm Viper Suit Kickstarter project!

Here's that link, in case you need to share it.

We are over 100 backers, and over $2500 total, pushing us beyond the fifth stretch goal!

I can now remaster the Cybernetic Autonomous Troopers, or CATs.  They're lean, mean units packing some serious firepower, and they are getting a serious upgrade after 10 years.

I managed to paint up the 28mm Viper Suits, as well as a 28mm Merka Main Battle Tank from last year's Motorpool Kickstarter.

The Merka is one of the files added at a discount to help assist the Viper Suit campaign.  What a good looking design, if I say so myself.

Base Coated.  
Desert Viper Suit with dual gatlings.  Gatlings make everything better.

Green Viper with dual triple-barrel energy cannons and a gold cockpit canopy.  I enjoy making my glass and vision ports gold, like Apollo astronaut visors or F-16 canopies.

The jetpacks, one of the unlocked stretch goals, look great on the Vipers.

Here's a 28mm Merka MBT.  What a looker!

Here's Waldo, my faithful size reference model, with a gun drone from last year's Motorpool Kickstarter.  
Here's Waldo with the dual Vipers.

Group Shots.

That's all for now.  I am slowly printing a 28mm Renegar-class MegaTank.  It's a beast!  That update will happen soon.

That link, again...




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