Chad Hardin Does A Kickstarter! Woot!

Chad Hardin, my life-long friend, is putting out a Kickstarter effort to fund his art books.

I'll do my best Lionel Hutz impersonation, and say...

"You may know his artwork from DC's Harley Quinn, Marvel's Spider-Man, Stan Lee's The Traveler, Dragon Age, and many more."


I don't need to sell this stuff.  It sells itself, and has already funded!

I'm a backer (like that needs saying).

I hope you join me in supporting this amazing talent with getting his artwork out there.

Here's the link.

And here's some of the tasty, tasty artwork and stretch goals you can expect...

It's beautiful, seeing Chad come this far.  He's really living the dream.  It makes my old, crusty heart glad, it really does.



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