Scorpions Scorpions Scorpions

I started digitally sculpting as a freelancer in 2001.

Ed Pugh, of Reaper Miniatures, recruited me to help with their new CAV mecha game.

One of the initial sculpts was the Borsig-Spline Scorpion, a mean little scuttler.

Fast forward a couple years, and I was designing a larger version of the Scorpion CAV for my licensed line of 1/60th scale (28mm Tabletop) metal and resin CAV kits under the Hellion Productions label.

Here are some new renders of that beauty...

It was a multi-part kit with a lot of articulation.  Each of those legs could twist off for storage, and the turret was able to elevate and traverse.  There was also a full detailed cockpit with flip-top canopy.

It was the victim of cruddy casting, and the guy never returned my master.  It broke my venture into retail, but it made me focus on freelance sculpting.  Hard lesson learned.

Matt, the CAVBoss at the time, wanted to make a tabletop 1/160th scale version of the resin kit, like we did with the resin 1/60th Dictator, which became the '70 Dictator.  Alas, CAV was fading away, and the plan fell through.

CAV is back, now, offered by Talon Games, who bought the license from Reaper.

Many years later, I was approached by Bob Mervine to sculpt a neo-steampunk Spider and Scorpion, among other mechanical animals.  They were for a 1/300th scale (Epic Tabletop) game he had in the works called WildFire.

Here's how that first version of the ScorpionMech looked...

Older approval shots.

And with my newer render settings...

Now, of course, I've been given a chance to do some really wicked Scorpion Mechs in 1/100th scale (15mm Tabletop) through Rebel Miniatures as part of their Animechs line.  Rebel Mike was kind enough to buy the line from Bob and give me a shot at resculpting the Spider, Scorpion, and Wolf.  I was able to bring the designs up to date and rework them so that they were compatible with the RUM-V line of modular products.  A very cool update.


Well, that's my long and complex involvement with mechanical scorpion mechs!

Thanks again to Ed Pugh, Bob Mervine, and Mike Renegar for the opportunities and work.



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