Saturday, March 4, 2017

28mm Viper, Part 4: Main Gun

When I'm hot, I'm hot.

When I'm not, I just pour caffeine down my gullet until chemically-induced creation starts to happen.


So, taking the 15mm Viper Suit and scaling it up to 28mm is an exercise in fun, for now.
Here's part three from yesterday, "Leg Day."

Using the original as a template, or bulk-out, I rip it apart and resculpt each individual bit, putting them all together on the computer screen.

As you can see, the triple barrel wasn't changed much, but the main receiver and ammo drum were completely reworked.  I like the latching system holding the ammo drum in place.

The ball and socket arrangement is going to be simple.  6mm for the male ball, .250" for the female socket.  This will enable folks to make their own weapons for future conversions, as well as make similar builds compatible, like I did with Rebel and Critical Mass mecha parts.

Enough yapping.  Here's the pics.  Dark/based model is the 15mm Viper, upscaled for size reference.

Next big challenge:  Making that cockpit a separate bit, and the main hull hollow enough to save money on printing and casting.  Maybe even make aftermarket cockpit displays and an ejection seat.  We'll see how much caffeine it takes to make it happen. ;)

Stay tuned.

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