Thursday, April 7, 2016

Volos Mecha, Part 3: Potential Volos Mods

Some doodling with the Astagar Volos Mecha, with random bits from the Critical Mass Mecha Workshop.

Like most of the mecha designs I have created for Critical Mass Games, the weapons hard points are compatible with numerous other weapons, enabling you to customize to your heart's content.

 Here's the Volos, with the Arc Fleet Advance Hydra's twin autocannons, and Ygs Mortar Bombs on its backpack mount.

 Here's a Volos with the Zas Heavy Flamer, Quad Missile Pods, and Buzzsaw.  The buzzsaw is also complemented by Bolt-On Arm Weapons.

The Astagar Kickstarter is still in full effect, and is steadily building.  We've funded in one day, as you know, and have knocked out three stretch goals as well, including the APCs and Main Battle Tanks.

Stay tuned.


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