Sunday, December 6, 2015

Gorilla Mech Rework-85%

A quick show of how I'm hoping to make that once-uncastable chest into something productive.

 The shoulders will fit into a saddle arrangement.  The central torso will be like a rail to which the other parts attach.

 The breastplate will fit to the front of the central torso rail.
 Hips will attach via ball and socket.
 The assembled chest will look like this.
 Arms and legs will plug into their respective sockets.  Head, too.

 Here is the Gorilla mech, on a 2-inch fender washer (51mm).

 I would say I'm 85% ready for client approval.  Another hard push, and it will be done.  I also will see about a canopied, non-ape head.

Here is the Gorilla Mech next to a pair of Waldos on pennies, and the draft Heavy HAMR suit for the Earth Forces.

And some size reference pics next to the newly-crafted AA battery.

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