Friday, October 9, 2015

Spider Mech Revisited in 15mm

I did the Spider Mech for Comfy Chair Games years ago.  Bob Mervine's designs caught my fancy, and we got along well as client and sculptor.

Bob recently sold the designs to Rebel Mike, and I was asked to take another look at them.  I suggested we bump them up in size, make them compatible with the rest of the RUMV product line, and away I went.

 I found an older file that was still unfused (to make printable STL files in Rhino, I still fuse the final models before saving them as STLs).  This was then stretch, chopped, and redesigned into the final shape you see here.

 Note the incorporation of the RUMV turret mount on the top of the abdomen.  Any turret that you can put on a RUMV vehicle, you can put on there.

There are also 4 hardpoints for the 1/8th inch ball and socket system that I use on Rebel and CMG mecha and other vehicles.

 So, there you go.

Also, there's the matter of this little guy in progress... ;)


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