Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New Viper Suit And Some Rebel Sneak Peeks...

The Titan Viper Mk.II is now for sale from Rebel Minis.

I did the Titan Viper Mk.I sculpt for Rebel Mike last year, and the modularity of the design continues to reap dividends.

The newest fruit from that mechanical vine is the Titan Viper Mk.II

Click here, or on the link here...

Gloriously painted by Jason Moore of Micropanzer.

Now, for some sneak peeks from Rebel Mike's Facebook feed.

 Here are the 15mm Valorians, giant-sized alien invaders whose 28mm big brothers are here.

 Here's a lonely traveler next to his police box.  It is unknown if it is bigger on the inside.  Fish fingers and custard are extra.

 Here's a RUM-V vehicle with a new turret, capable of holding dual 1/8" weapon systems.  Here, it has dual triple missile launchers.

 And here it has dual gatling weapons.  An awesome fire support vehicle, whatever the load-out.

Stay tuned for more details.



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