Sunday, March 1, 2015

Homesteader Combat Utility Vehicle For ACP Games' Kickstarter

Jimbo at ACP Games is putting on a Kickstarter that has been a while in the making.  He approached me in the planning stages, and asked me to contribute a sculpt.  I happily agreed.

The result was this:  The Homesteader Combat Utility Vehicle, a neat little all-terrain terror with a modular utility bed or weapons mount on the rear of the frame.
 Here are the first casting samples.  I really like how the tread pattern those tires (tyres, for you Brits), turned out in pewter.

Here are some pics of the digital sculpt.  Note that Waldo, my usual reference figure, is transparent to give you an indication of the size, but not block out the view.

Standard utility loadout.

Weapons station with a quad missile launcher and dual gatlings.  Spare tire, too.  I threw those last two in as extras, so I don't know if they'll see production.  No worries, if they don't.

Primering and base coat of the KS sample.

Final painted version used for advertising on the Kickstarter.  Nice job.

The ACP games Kickstarter is going on now, and ends in the middle of March.  12 days, as of this posting.  It is already funded, so if you're hesitant about backing a project that won't make it, don't worry.  Now, it's about getting to the next set of stretch goals.

The Homesteader is the next big breakthrough goal.  Pledge today!


PS, those tasty Valkyries of Jimbo's have already been met as stretch goals, including the Commando Valkyrie and Anti-Tank Commando Valk.

I love the classic anti-tank Valks, probably my favorite out of the bunch, though the Fire Support Valks make for stiff competition.

Here's a group shot of those lovely heavy power armors...

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