Thursday, June 19, 2014

Those Damnable Liebster Awards, Part 2 part two.  I am, and I'm sure you, too, getting weirded out by talking about myself so much.   I'm chatty enough on the forums and message boards.  This latest PR push was fun, but I'm tapped out.

Even my monstrous ego can't take it.

"Blah blah blah JBR JBR JBR."

Enough.  On to better things besides self-aggrandizement.

Oh.  Wait.  ;)

I do have an interview coming out in a few weeks with Roland Berberich, the editor for TT Gaming-The Hobbymagazine.

Here's a sample Issue Zero, in PDF format.

I am in the upcoming issue number three.  Here are the other issues, including a free one.

You'll have to register with Wargame Vault (it's easy, and I've gotten no spams or other rubbish from them).  No biggie.

So, I'll make sure to let you folks know when it's available.

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