Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Releases From Critical Mass Games For Salute 2014, Part 1

As the title says, Critical Mass Games is about to unleash a torrent of new mecha and powered armour at the upcoming Salute 2014 show.

If you're heading to the show, and want to pre-order some of these goodies at a substantial discount, here's CMG's Salute Pre-Order Page.

Hurry.  April 9th is the deadline.

So, a few of these have been in the works for a while, while others were recent additions to the line.

Leading off the reveals is the Arc Fleet Walker Advance.   The venerable design, one of the cornerstone kits of the 15mm Revival, is receiving a number of upgrades.

This is the Furion variant.  The model is equipped with a pair of laser cannons, new shoulder mounts, an anti-grav backpack, and thruster units to make it vicious and maneuverable.

 The Hydra variant of the Arc Fleet Walker Advance boasts enough autocannon and gatling weaponry to shred any target, whether it is on the ground or air.

 The Valkyrie variant of the Arc Fleet Walker Advance is another tough and agile Advance kit, this time with paired rail cannons.

Here's a better view of the "saddle" mount a-grav generator (derived from an Arc Fleet armoured vehicle) and the thruster modules.  This was a great challenge to sculpt, incorporating the new bits into the classic design as a bolt-on kit.

 Here's the last thing you want to see stomping down the assault shuttle's landing ramp...

And here's a few digital shots from the creation phase of the sculpting.


The nice thing about this kit isn't just the fact that it breathed new life into a great design, but it opened up CMG's inventory to those of you who love using modular bits to help tell your units' stories.

 The ball and socket joint at the "elbow" is compatible with the Zas Blackguard and Ravager mecha released earlier in the year, plus a host of new, exciting releases that are coming up.

 As you can see from my proposal renders, the new Zas mecha weapons are able to be swapped in, for those missions where the Arc Fleet needs "plausible deniability," or if salvaged AF Walkers have been rehabilitated by scavengers, mercs, or bounty hunters.

Likewise, these new weapons can be re-requisitioned to your existing Blackguard and Ravagers (or the Vanguard mercenary mecha, or the Ygs mecha, or the Astagar mecha, etc.), and your Arc Fleet Walker Advances can be utilized as high-mobility scouts.

A beautiful range of possibilities, with even more to come.  Stay tuned for the Ygs mecha and powered armour.

Again, to pre-order these and pick them up at Salute, click here.


P.S. And to think it all started with this sketch...

My original concept art from 2009 for the Arc Fleet Walker.  How far we've come!
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