Sunday, October 20, 2013

Rebel Gun Drones

Rebel Minis has released a set of gun drones I did for them, and they're now for sale.  Here's the link.

 They're very versatile little builds.  I wanted them to be useful as both utility and combat models.  Thus, the small manipulator claws built into the front of each of their hulls.  They'd make handy little EOD bots for scenarios, or could rescue downed fighters by dragging them to safety.

There are even remarks on the forums that they could do double duty as 6mm/Epic vehicles, which is nice to hear.

The peg socket on top of the drones is able to take any similar-pegged accessory I've done for Rebel, including the dome sensors from the EF APC, the Merka's top deck parts, and lots of others.  It will be fun to see what people come up with.  You can find those bits on the vehicles in Rebel's 15mm vehicle section.

So, here's a photodump of the digital screen captures of the drones, as well as the pics of the prototypes when they arrived at my house.



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