Friday, April 19, 2013

70th Anniversary Of The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

There's a lot of anniversaries that fall in Mid-April. Waco. Oklahoma City. Hitler's Birthday. Shitty stuff like that.

Today, I prefer to remember something different. The 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, April 19th, 1943.

The Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto were starving and facing extermination in the Treblinka concentration camp, but they still fought back.

As a Marine (and an Mutt-American with a great-grandaddy named "Greenberg"), I admire their warrior spirit against insurmountable odds.  They were starving and equipped with only stolen and home-made weaponry.
 They were ultimately defeated, but it still took more than 2000 Nazis, 6 battalions of Waffen-SS among them, to put down the rebellion. Tanks, artillery, flamethrowers, and house-to-house fighting.

"Never Again" is what Jews say when it comes to the prospect of another Holocaust.

Owning, and being willing to use, an oft-demonized "assault rifle" means, "Never Again, and I fucking mean it."

And just to end things on a nice note, here's a Google Link to IDF Chicks.

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