Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cooldown From Kickstarter, Writing News, Shooting With Little Bear, And What's Next

Well, as you may have noticed, February and early March were hellbent-for-leather as far as posting and subject matter was concerned.  It's always fun to redline, burning the midnight oil and being happily exhausted, but eventually it catches up to you.

After a bit of recovery, I'm ready to get back at it.

Big news on the writing front, my Secret Agent X anthology from Airship 27, SA:X, Volume 3, is now on Kindle.  You can sample the first few chapters of the book at the Amazon Kindle page, and they're of my story, The Wrath Of The Valkyrie, a quick tale of Nazi infiltrators in pre-war America.

I need to start writing again.  I've needed to start writing again.  It's a deep need.  I don't know why it vexes me so.  It doesn't pay, but I still need to do it.  Artists, huh?  ;)

In non-whining news, the boy and I went shooting today.  Just a little plinking with our family .22, a Russian Tula bolt-action with a cheapie Barska red dot scope on top.  He's good with it, though, and was zapping 4" (100mm) clay targets at about 50 yards (~50 meters) away.

In other news, the first set of RUM-V prototypes have made it to my door.  Mike and I huddled up, and decided that the Titan Marines get first shot at new vehicles using this system.

 Here's a Titan Marine walker light tank.

And here's a Titan Marine Anti-grav APC.

Smooth, eh?  These are untouched, straight out of the box from the service bureau.  Amazing.
Lots more to come as I clean them up and get them ready to get molded.

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