Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Art Of: Spaceman Spiff's Amazing Painting and Converting Talent

 I first found Spaceman Spiff's miniature painting over on a forum when I was trying to get feedback on a series of androids I was doing for Wargames Factory.  Those androids never saw the light of day, unfortunately, but the check cleared, which is a good thing.  Spiff's painting was glorious to behold.  Now that he's got a blog going, I figured I'd showcase some of his work.

Spiff specializes in painting and customizing N-scale (nominally, 1/160th here in the States) Battletech and Mechwarrior models, adding great affects via sculpting to his figures.  Blast affects, burned-out wrecks, ejecting pilots, you name it.

It looks like he's even starting to paint 15mm/1-100th scale stuff.  Here's a beautiful Khurasan Nova Respublik Red Eagle tank he did with an amazing cherry-blossom pattern.  Wow!  He also has a threesome of Critical Mass Arc Fleet Walkers that he's converting up.  Obviously, the man has good taste in sculptors ;)

So, on the blog list sidebar he goes.  I'm not going to hunt him down via google every time I want to see a new paintjob.  I'm just going to shift my eyes to the right as I scan through the blog.  You should too.

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