Saturday, January 14, 2012

On This Overblown Pissing/Desecration Thing

A group of Marines have created quite a row internationally for pissing on dead Taliban.  Here's a news link at the BBC about it.

People up in arms (ironic, I know) about this incident just as easily ignore the two boatloads of Iranians our Navy and Coast Guard saved from Somoli pirates last week. Boatload 1Boatload 2.

Was the "Pissing Thing" professional?  No. 

Was it conduct becoming of members of the United States Marine Corps?  No. 

But was it a war crime?  No. 

Do you honestly think the Taliban are going to fight harder because of it?  Hell No.  They're too busy trying to kill little girls for going to school.

War is hell, and we send our best and brightest to do it for us, while we remain safe here at home.

Rudyard Kipling said it best with his poem, "Tommy."

So, for those of you offended out there, you're entitled to your opinion, but wake up and see both sides of the story, not just what you've been fed.

And Gents, next time some douchenozzle whips out a camera in the combat zone, "counsel" him upside the Kevlar with a buttstroke.

Best, and Semper Fi,
John Bear Ross
USMC, 0331, 95-01
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