Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Little Things...

The little things are happening, nothing so big as to blog about, but not so small as to ignore.

1. My workload has slackened, as the Zbrush lessons continue. It is a strange program to try and bend my head around, but bend nevertheless it does.

2. Mars McCoy, my bit of sci-fi pulp fiction just published, is now available through Amazon.

3. I've also added an author page at Amazon. Click here to see it. Yes, that's me and my boy with mohawks from last summer. I'm going to do it again this year. Hopefully he does it as well. It's quite a nice haircut when it's 110 degrees outside.

4. I took delivery of my good friend Clint's HK USP 45 Pistol. Clint and I bought matching pistols 15 years ago. I sold mine, soon after, but Clint kept his through the years. He recently offered it up for sale, and I snatched it up. It's not my first pistol, but it is the twin thereof. I love it. I've christened it, "Mjolnir."

5. When GAMA was in town last month, I had a chance to share a steak and some beers with the gents from Mercs Minis. Great folks. They sent a rulebook the other day, and I've been poring over it. It's a gorgeous, glossy, hardbound piece of beauty. Highly recommended.

6. My order from the UK arrived of Critical Mass Games figs and models I ordered. The Augments are true works of art. AFAU-3 and -4 packs are my favorites. PF's mercenary sculpts were also wondrous to hold in the hand. Great stuff. I wish I could go to SALUTE this year. Like last year, "maybe next year" is repeatedly heard muttered under my breath.

7. I also received 4 MechSpiders in the mail from his Divine Mervinity over at Comfy Chair Games. These were the first time I'd had these bots in hand since they were prototyped a few years ago. Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. I have plans for these little guys.

The overtime seems to have abated for now. I'm still worn out. Recovery seems to be a bit of a co-priority along with learning a new sculpting program at this time. More to come.

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