Sunday, January 16, 2011

1/100th Scale Destroid and CAV Reference, Part 4

I've got work to do, dammit. I can't stop scaling old builds and seeing how they come out in 1/100th scale. It's a diversion from the workload piling up on my sculpting list.
I need to get back to it...I need to..., let the pile wait.
I'm having a bit of fun. Off we go.

So, here we have a pair of emblematic, flagship CAVs, or Combat Assault Vehicles, from Reaper Miniatures' CAV game. The Grundor House Butcher on the left, the Koda Works Dictator '70 on the right. Actually, now that I look at it again, those are the old railguns, so this is a first-gen Dictator. This file must have been a down-scaled version of my 1/60th scale kit I used to put out. Well, no matter.

These were (are) gorgeous designs, born of a great effort by the original CAV development team. Working on CAV was my real start in the industry. My eternal thanks to Ed Pugh for giving me the original chance to work. I owe you, sir.

So, gratitude aside, here are a pair of N-Scale CAVs. 29 feet tall in their game stats. Just over 2 inches tall in real life. About 2 and a quarter, based.

Here are those same two N-Scale CAVs next to a 1/100th Scale Tomahawk/Excalibur/Warhammer. Not to worry, they're in two different scales. We'll remedy that shortly.

First, we figure out what 29 feet is in N Scale. 29 feet x 12 inches equals 348 inches. Divide by 160 (N Scale is 1/160th Scale) and you get 2.175 inches tall. I remove the hex base from the Butcher's legs, and we go from there.
Now, 29 Feet in 1/100th scale is easy. Like before, 29 feet times 12 inches equals 348 inches. Divide by 100, and you get 3.48 inches in height. Simple, no? The old height line is visible, along with the new height line hovering just above the missile launchers.

One of my older generation of Waldos was included in the Dictator file, and he's rescaled up as well. I even base him on a new penny. Waldo, meet Waldo.

I add digital bases under the feet of the newly rescaled CAVs. Those bases are 2 inches in diameter, and 1/8th inch thick. They may not be towering giants like the Destroid, but they sure are beautiful. 3 and a half inches (about 89mm for you metric types) is a very nice height for keeping printing and production costs down, while providing plenty of menace and devastation on a 15mm-scale tabletop. The Destroid designs are lovely as well, but would be a very large undertaking from a production standpoint. You'd have to charge $40 or $50 each, easily. A CAV-sized mech, I could see going for around $20 or $25, like Khurasan does with his 4-inch-tall cyborg mech.

Well, enough opining. More pictures.

Here's a walk-around series of pics with the Destroid in the scene.

And here's a series without, just two lean, mean warmachines from the 23rd Century. God, I love CAV. Hopefully they'll rescale someday. These two hold up very well, despite the upsizing and age of the builds. Great stuff.

Well, back to the workload. Thanks and hello again to Ed Pugh and all the Reaper-Peeps.

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