X-Ray Guns

I was rollin' through my usual gun forums (yes, I'm a gun nut), when I came across a neat topic on AR15.com

Here's the thread...

This fellow is an x-ray tech, and is able to bring his hobby to work. Vereh nice.

He sells the images on T-shirts. Here's his site.

Just wanted to share.



David said…
He could send the images to Homeland Security for silhouette recognition at airport x-ray machines ;)
MIK said…
Those are very striking, thanks for sharing. Thanks for the link too, there may be an M4 shirt in my near future!
Mark Mondragon said…
Lolz.. look at the Glock, thats either a very crappy factory load or it has different gain bullets.

You can see the bullets staggered even when the cartridge is not.
John Bear Ross said…
They do look a bit "snaggletooth" in the mag, don't they? Must be a magazine of mixed loads.


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