Sunday, December 12, 2010

15mm Scale Weapons For Rebel Minis

Huzzah! Converters and sculptors rejoice. Rebel Mike has taken on the daunting task of fielding 15mm/1-100th scale rifles and other weapons for the burgeoning 15mm playing field.

I've loved doing weapons. The original set of CAD guns I did for Hasslefree Miniatures back in 2006 was my first venture into being an arms dealer. I've done a few sets since then (some 28mm scale beauties for PF), had to pass on a few nice offers (Sorry Tom), and these I whipped out in a night or two between other projects.

From top to bottom, they are...
The Heavy Support Laser, an updated bit that saw first use on the Model Nine support laser gunners.

The Shotgun From Hell. A drum-fed grenade launcher, akin to the XM-25 or Neopup. Meant for taking out hard targets, or groups of troops.

The M-25A1. A sci-fi version of the Army's new XM-25, with advanced optics package. This is based on the real XM-25. Google it. It's a complicated, but neat, piece of ordnance.

The M-25A2. A direct-fire version of the XM-25. I topped it with an Eotech proxy, kinda like a heads-up display you mount to a rifle.

The SAW. Basically, a chopped and reinforced rifle from the Model Nine troopers. I gave it a heavy barrel, folded up bipod legs, a vertical foregrip, and a drum for sustained fire.

The Rifle 1. A slightly updated version of the same rifle found on the Model Nine trooper. Overall length is .44 inches. Just under half an inch. Tiny, no?

The Rifle 2. The cleaner version of the Rifle 1. No underbarrel grenade launcher.

The Infiltrator Pistol. I took a pair of calipers to an Infiltrator sculpt, and came up with this. I sexed it up a bit, but kept the detailing simple.

The PDW Pistol. A chopped and channeled version of the Rifle 1.

The Manga Pistol. I did my own version of a bullpup pistol, much like the Seburo C-X from Ghost In The Shell. Not practical, by any means, but cool beats practical when it comes to minis. Besides, my 4-year-old daughter, Olivia, likes it.

These have been sent off to print. Hopefully they survive casting. Keep your fingers crossed, and break out those Optivisors for future 15mm conversions!

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