Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hammer Suit Accessory Pics

The first two pics are possible fire support variants of the Titan Marine HAMR suit, with dual cannons, a top-deck missile launcher, and V-shaped boosters (more on them later).

The Earth Force HAMR Suit shows the functional/modular aspect of that sprue's design. The upper arm is a universal left/right piece, and can adapt any of the weapon bits produced for Rebel Mike's Saber VTOL gunship. A single-point weapons hardpoint adapter lays on top of the armor's hull, enabling a missile bit to sit nicely as an EF Fire Support variant. It's the bit on the far left on the EF Sprue pic, next to the forearm flamer.

Just for nomenclature's sake, here's the breakdown of the sprue pics...

Earth Force sprue, from left to right...
Top Deck Weapon Hardpoint, Forearm Flamer, Combat Blade, HAMR heavy carbine

Titan Marines sprue, from left to right...
Fire Support Cannon, Combat Sword, Top-Deck Missile Launcher

Here's the link to the rest of the promised hammer suit support sprue bits, from IronRook's blog...

Look at that detail....gorgeous stuff. The tryout model may not be the prettiest, but shows you how nicely the parts mesh together. That cargo platform nestles just right on to the top of the HAMR suit on the computer, with millimeters to spare, so I'm glad it fits in real life.

And much thanks to Ironrook for the photos, and for saving my bacon before going to lunch (he knows what I mean). I appreciate it, Jeff.

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