Sunday, April 25, 2010

GorillaMech WIP, Part 1

'Twas a busy day of watching the kids (we went to Burger King, the park, and the library). I still managed to get some sculpting in.

Here's the initial bulk-out of the GorillaMech's main hull. Blue bits will probably be separate torso modules. Universal left/right in nature. Arms will attach to them (and they to the central hull) via ball and socket joints, like the MechWolf's legs. The shapes are still rough, and will be refined later, during mid and final detailing passes.

The head needs shrinking, I can tell already. The arched posture deviates a smidge from the source art, too. I'll see if I can stiffen him up a bit.

Heavy Artillery backpack will be on the same mounting point I use for all of Comfy Chair's mechs, but on dual sockets on half-inch centers. More stability for a big bit.

More soon.

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