Monday, March 1, 2010

ScorpionMech Nearing The Home Stretch

Here are the latest screen captures of the ScorpionMech for Comfy Chair. I've run into some minor problems that needed tweaking, namely sizing the tail right. There is a forearm "claw" cutting saw on the tail now, but two other attachments I have planned for the tail tip will be proportioned smaller.

I figure the forearm weapons need to be heavily armored, since they'll be doing the heavy work of pinning enemy mechs in place. The stinger-configured bits can be a little less beefy, since they're purely offensive, meant for dealing the killing blows.

I had to modify things from the source art in a few places, namely in the "face" of the Scorpion. I like the strong, sinister, armored arachnid look, but it's subject to client approval. We'll see.

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