Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Real Life Intrudes

Well, as you may or may not know, sculpting doesn't pay the bills around here. Mostly, it keeps me out of the bars, and lets me flex my semi-creative abilities.

I work in Real Life (tm) at the NV Test Site, as a millwright. Today was an all-hands meeting. Those things never turn out well, trust me.

The folks in management, in their ever-prevailing wisdom, have decided to move my work crew to a new shift, where we'll be tripping over other personnel who are conducting already-ongoing operations, and for less money, since our substantial night differential is going away. That's about an eighth of my income. That's a big hit, one which I'm not very happy about. Such is life.

How this affects you: my sculpting time is usually in the small hours, after I get home from a night at work. This is going to go away in a month or so.

I'll be advising my clients that they should be actively looking for backup or replacement sculptors, since I can't guarantee how this will affect my schedule. Actually, I'm putting a brave face on it...this is probably going to slaughter my schedule.

Not to mention drain the savings account, and possibly start a slow financial spiral that might end in the loss of what I've been working years to accomplish, create, and save.

Whaah, whaah, whaah, I know. Get to sculpting, you're saying, and maybe you can offset the smaller paychecks.

Well, you're right. I'm off to sculpt. I've got a month to power out a long list of projects for Khurasan, Rebel, Comfy Chair, and Critical Mass.

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