Friday, September 18, 2009

Khurasan Man Of War Grav Vehicle Now For Sale, and New Blog Added...

Click on the pics for larger views.

Just wanted to add an update of a previous bit of work I did for Khurasan Miniatures. Jon at Khurasan is now launching his long-anticipated sci-fi line of 15mm miniatures, most prominent of which (in my opinion) is the Man Of War Heavy Antigrav Vehicle, with its three combat variants. Plus, those sharkmen infantry are just so damn cool, to me. Part of the reason I took Khurasan on as a client was because I was intrigued by his concept of underwater creatures, fighting on land, just like we air-breathers fight underwater in submarines. The concept went from there, and the Man Of War is one of my favorite sculpts of all time.

Click on the link below to buy a few dozen, or more.

Also, I've added the lovely and talented Dream Forge Games to my blog list. Mark is a fellow digital sculptor, and is very talented. Enjoy his linked blog on the sidebar.

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