Monday, July 27, 2009

Painted Pics Of The Khurasan Man Of War (New Variant)

The Man Of War I sculpted up for Khurasan Miniatures was made with the intention that one hull could have three different modules placed in it. One Main Battle Tank version, with turret. One Armored Personnel Carrier, with its own turret, and a Self-Propelled Artillery piece, with its own turret.

I wanted the Man Of War to look like equal parts submarine and antigravity tank. So, the Artillery Piece, which would fire off shortened ballistic missiles, was originally going to be a long, double-row of small hatches, like the hull of nuclear ICBM "boomer" sub.

Instead, I did a separate turret, but placed an armored hatch with a simple hinge in it. Pressing on the back of the hinge flips up the front of the piece, revealing the missiles. It's a technique I've used before, and usually turns out nicely.

It did this time as well. This is Khurasan's favorite variant, and I like the paintjob. It reminds me of a shark, which is what this thing is actually crewed by. Well, shark-like beings, called Karks. I've seen the sculpts for those. Beautiful.

Coming soon, renders of the Main Battle Tank variant of the Man of War.

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