Monday, July 20, 2009

Additional Progress On The Critical Mass Walker

Well, when I was doing this sculpt, I received initial approval for the initial bulk-out from the folks at Critical Mass, and jumped into surface detailing with a great amount of gusto.
This sculpt went rather quickly. What was bothering me was how I was going to make the hip joints work for casting and posability. If you can see, I still didn't have the geometry worked out at this point, so it was still roughed in around the hip area.
From a more positive point of view, I worked out a peg system for the weapons and accessories, and made a nice little crew hatch that can be mounted in the up or down position, with room for a half-figure like a vehicle commander.
The pintle mount, chin mount, and even the slotted mounts on the side of the hull all take the same peg system. Not everything will fit in the chin mount, as you will see in the next update, but a large number of the weapons will.
More later this week.
John Bear Ross
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