Reviews...Important? Nah. How 'Bout Some Pie, Instead.

Some folks live and die by reviews.

I'm cool.  I order a lot of stuff on Amazon, and rarely leave reviews, myself.

So, who am I to ask you to do the same?

If you can't leave a review, just leave some pie.


Reviews on what, you ask?

Code Of Armor, my book, of course.

Here's the cover, with beautiful art by William S. Frisby, Jr.

And the description...

Jessica Kramer is a mech pilot packing a 20mm revolver in her holster and an even larger chip on her shoulder.

When she discovers an incident with her brother in the armored arenas of Junctionworld involves more than just what the cameras showed, her path turns to revenge.

To discover the culprits, she must stay one step ahead of alien overlords, rogue enforcers, and fellow mech gladiators trying to kill her to gain their own freedom.

The deeper she digs, though, the harder the truth becomes, and the more sinister the plot to kill her, the last of the Fourth Gate Kramers.

Can this young mech pilot defeat the sordid conspiracy to erase her family's name and reputation in the arenas?

Can Jessica overcome her personal demons, as well as ones from her past, to discover the truth?

Find out in Code Of Armor, the debut solo novel by John Bear Ross.

To follow John Bear Ross (you can call me JBR), head to...

Be sure to follow me on, as well, for the continuing adventures of Jessica Kramer.

Cover Art by William S. Frisbee, Jr.




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