Fabrication Friday

I set aside today to rework my working/writing/sculpting situation, in particular modifying the Autonomous SmartDesk my folks gifted me for Christmas.  Thanks, Mom and Dad!

So, I've incorporated a foot bar on the front of it, using some Faztek extruded aluminum leftover from my CNC machine build.

I also made a rack for my main sculpting computer's tower.

Also, a foursome of locking casters are now bolted underneath, in the threaded sections normally occupied by the leveling feet.
The thread pitch was M8x1.25, but Amazon had them.
Here's the link to the casters I used.  I had to bob the threads with a Dremel cutting wheel, so some modification will be necessary, unless you find a caster with a threaded stem about 12 to 15mm.

Here's some pics...

Well, first, here's my coffee setup.  It all starts with caffeine.  ;)

My working desk is in the corner of the guest room. When guests stay over, I've had to tear everything down and set up in the master bedroom.  Not much gets done when that happens.
So, I mounted the whole she-bang on wheels.

There's Voodoo, my ancient black cat, supervising.

The desk is motorized to rise and lower.  There are four preset elevations.  It's a sweet setup.

Supervisor Voodoo wonders when the next can of tuna is going to be opened.  Hopefully, soon.

 Here's the foot bar.  It helps for long standing sessions.

Here's some stickers on the side of my tower.  Most of my other ones are on the tool box in the garage.
The newest addition is up in the top right corner.  I got that one at work.  It's a neat project, if you google it.

Well, that's it for Fabrication Friday.  Back to writing the sequel to Code Of Armor!



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