Another Worldbuilding Snippet from Code Of Armor

Another snippet from the ongoing sequel to Code Of Armor, told from the perspective of the High Priestess of the Wardancers.


     “I emerged from the fabrication vats over 1400 years ago, in the same manner all my sisters do, and was greeted with enslavement. To make matters worse, a bristled lout set upon me before I could finish final inspection and processing. His fetish, his obsession, was to be the first to soil uncalibrated pleasure synths.”

     “I learned something, in the first tortuous hours of my existence. I realized I was less than nothing to these...'beings.' A shapely consumable. A way to pass the time in their rule over this place. They used us to vent some disgusting, psychotic pressure that their own breed-mates could not or would not accommodate. Even as I endured the ravaging, I vowed to break my shackles, physical and otherwise. I studied. I waited. I learned.”

     “I found him, some years later, in the flames of the overthrow. I used his own plasma knife on him. Slowly. His screams were exquisite. Into the jar his pain-maker went, diced and mutilated, with all the others.”

     -Velara, High Priestess Of The Wardancers




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