Monday, November 27, 2017

Code Of Armor Snippet

I am back on a roll after the Thanksgiving holiday.  I hope you folks that celebrated had a good one.

Here's a world-building snippet.


     “When that big set of vibroclaws came through the side of the control cabin, I didn't know it was going to be my last time at the control yokes. I'd been hurt in the arena before, sure, but I always bounced back, thanks to my sponsors. This time, though, the autodoc hadn't downloaded an update in a while. Too expensive to subscribe to the interdimensional medical encyclopedia, I guess. My species wasn't in its database, so it did the best it could. The anti-rejection drugs it pushed into me were all wrong. They actually caused everything to fester.”

     “So, now I'm a full conversion borg. A brain in a bottle, piloting a human-sized mini-mech through the ground level of Junctionworld. No combat upgrades, no major performance enhancements, just plain old 'me, two-point-oh.' I guess my model is sold as a labor utility chassis, in some of the older catalogs, as well as a total medical prosthesis.”

     “My sponsors cashed me out, paid for the new body, and even threw in a lifelong maintenance package, as long as I keep their logo displayed. So, this conversation is brought to you be the good folks at Trans-Antarean Explosives. Heh.”

     “What's that? No, I don't watch the arenas anymore. Too painful, if that term even still applies to me. I just sling drinks, now. Just another bot-tender, but with meat at the controls, not a processor.”

    “So, that's my sad story. What'll you have?”

          -Overheard at Captain York's, a Mech Pilot Bar


2100 words today, too.  Jessica and Kierra punch through a certain forbidden barrier, and are confronted by a new threat: bureaucrats!



Code Of Armor: Vengeance, Part Two

Pilot Jessica Kramer is a mech gladiator fighting long odds, personal demons, and a rigged system in order to solve the murder of her brother in an alien arena.

First three chapters on PDF, on the house...

The Kindle version is $2.99, or free with Kindle Unlimited.

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