Monday, October 2, 2017

We're OK in Southern Nevada. Give Blood, If You Can.

My family and I live in Southern Nevada.  Not in Las Vegas.  We left about 11 years ago once our youngest was born.

We now live about an hour and a half away from town, but we often spend "Vegas Days" at the movies, or the library, or any of a number of things we can't do in our small town.

We chose to spend Sunday at home, watching movies, instead of a Vegas Day. It was a fortunate decision. 

Not that we dodged a bullet, or anything, we were never in any danger from the mass shooting at the concert.

But, it hits home.

My thanks to those of you who reached out via phone, text, and Facebook to check in on me and mine. I appreciate it.

They are backed up in Las Vegas, right now, but consider donating to your local blood donation center.

United Blood Services in Las Vegas has been there for years on West Charleston and Rainbow.

Here's their website...

Maybe you can find your own local blood center, and help out, if you can.

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