Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Reviews and Snippet

Three reviews to share from kind folks...

Two Fives and a Four-Star.  Very kind, folks, thanks for taking the time to review.

Code of Armor: Vengeance, as I have flogged in the past, is available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Paperback.

Kindle edition...


Now, on to a snippet from Part Two of Code Of Armor: Vengeance.  This happens in the middle of an argument between Jessica Kramer and Prath, her crew chief, dealing with the after-effects of a match in the arena.


“Now, if you'll excuse me, I must look after Kitos and the diagnostics.  Go to the bar, like I asked.  I will come for you later.”
Jessica stormed, as best she could on a bum leg, out of the shop.  She hit the main entrance door's exit button at full stride.  It didn't release, and she bumped face first into the thick plastic.
“Vervor!  Your door!  What's the void's wrong with this thing?  Let me out of here,”  She yelled at the establishment's proprietor, shaking the unresponsive handle while slamming the button again.
The Myoshan emerged from his small office door carrying a remote control.  He pressed the button, and a buzzer signaled the door's release.
“Security measure.  I'd rather not have a repeat of the Headhunter's last unscheduled visit.  Besides, you've made enemies of the Wardancers.  I don't need any vengeance oaths being fulfilled on my shop floor.  Oh, and mind the gentlebeing coming in, too.  He has an appointment,” Master Vervor said.
Jessica Kramer turned to the unlocked door's open frame to see it now occupied.  Her eyes went wide with recognition, sending her hand to her pistol's grip.  The human male produced something from between his outstretched fingers.
“Pilot Jessica Kramer, I am Masamune Kyuzo.  My card.”


I have been writing up a storm as of late, fueled mostly by caffeine.  Oh, caffeine, thank you.

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