1600 Words Today, Plus A Snippet From Denk And Chred

1600 words today, along with 5000 or so over the weekend.  I'm bringing things to a head.  Soon, the final showdown!

Here's a brief snippet from Denk and Chred, our favorite arena sportscasters...

“--And, as we've been reporting all gate-week, now, Chred, there has been a lot of word-of-mandible, a lot of buzz, building around tomorrow night's V-match between two intriguing human pilots, Jessica Kramer and Masamune Kyuzo. In less than 24 hours, the two Hammer Class heroes are destined to meet in an historic face-off. Make sure you tune in, here, to Arena News Tonight, for exclusive post-match post-mortems and tactical analysis with Chred and myself.”

“That's right, Denk, this is a Vengeance Match put together by the Honorable Mikralos, master of Berva Proxima arena, some say as attempt to heal this sore and bitter wound on that noble house's reputation. Jessica Kramer, yes, gentlebeings, from that Kramer family, is going up against 'The Desecrator' in a bid to avenge her brother, Jered. The Desecrator is looking to finish what he started, all those years ago, and what better way to establish his own dynasty than by ending the last member of an old one.”

“And they're meeting in a battle that's drawing a lot of attention from the highest stations of power here in Junctionworld, Chred. Yes, we expect a raucous, rollicking, action-packed fight, beamed, live, to a thousand different realms.”

“Now, Denk, standing by with the lovely Korba to go over the unique battlefield configuration, is our tactical consultant, retired mercenary captain J'Dahl, former leader of the notorious Ascended-for-hire unit, the Ninth Drakuls--”

Mas Caffeine!  Mas mas!



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