Synopsis For My Book, Code Of Armor: Vengeance

      The Gatekeepers, rulers of the interdimensional crossroads known as Junctionworld, have turned their hidden pocket of reality into a garden of organized, mechanized slaughter. Mech pilots, cyborgs, and sentient machines are invited (or forced) to do battle for the entertainment of the masses. The Gatekeepers record and export the gladiatorial contests to a million other worlds. Life is cheap, killing is easy, and walking armored nightmares clash before the cameras on the colosseum floors.

     Behind the scenes, though, a young mech pilot finds herself the target of a conspiracy to erase her family's name and reputation in the armored arenas. Jessica Kramer, last of the Fourth Gate Kramers, tries to solve the murder of her brother by parties unknown. To do so, she must stay one step ahead of alien overlords, rogue enforcers, and fellow mech gladiators trying to kill her to gain their own freedom.

     Will personal demons from her past stop her quest for justice? Will she discover the truth before she and her family's legacy can be crushed? Find out, in the ongoing episodic novel, Code Of Armor: Vengeance, by John Bear Ross.


So, whattaya think?  Does it have a hook, without giving too much away?
I'm at 30000 words on this, and I'll be releasing it in chunks via Amazon Kindle Direct.
When I have enough for a full novel, I'll bundle them together.
In the meantime, I can write and publish on my own schedule.
Stay tuned.



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