Sunday, September 24, 2017

Snippet: Jessica Vs. Kierra the Wardancer

Here's a small snippet from the lead-off chapter of Code Of Armor: Vengeance, Part Two.

It's Jessica Kramer vs. Kierra the Wardancer.
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 “Ok. Give me 75 percent power to the hammer, NoName. I want that thing glowing, but I still need some jets,” Jessica said. Her reactor stepped up its output, a deep whine spooling up behind her. She flicked on her speakers.

“Kierra, that song's as old as your dance moves,” she said.

“Petty, not pretty. Just like you, Kramer,” the Wardancer answered. Jessica edged her mech closer to the wreck of Flevver's jalopy. Her external cameras showed her mech's foot was next to the fallen chopsaw.

“I'll show you 'pretty,' you worn-out excuse for a pleasure doll,” Jessica said.

Modern-day Wardancers were a proud and lethal warrior cult, but they did not like being reminded they were originally brought to Junctionworld as lab-grown “comfort hosts.” Long before the Gatekeepers took control, the Wardancer Rebellion ended with mass castrations of their overthrown enslavers, the K'Narr. Preserved containers filled with the offending members still turned up from time to time in excavations and refurbished buildings, much to the consternation of the males in the rehab and construction crews.

The poise and grace of the sleek mech's posture faded, and a blast of jets signaled Jessica that her goad worked. Screaming something incoherent over her loudspeakers, Kierra charged, her plasma-edged swords swinging in wild loops.



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