New Rhino3d Art Mode: Line Art

I have always like the "Pen" setting in Rhino, but I couldn't make the parchment-like background jibe with the sci-fi subject matter I usually deal in.

Here's an example of the Astagar infantryman with support gun, sculpted by Steve 'Coolhand' Tyler.  Nice line art, but the background kept throwing me off.

So, I kept with my regular render settings.

Recently, though, I did a little googling on how to change it up, and found the following method...

Options> (that gear logo icon)

Display Modes>
-At the Display Modes list, select Pen. Then hit the "Copy" button at the bottom of the box.
-This will give you "Copy Of Pen."
-This will give you the option of changing Pen settings, which Rhino normally doesn't let happen.
-I rename this new setting Line Art.
-Change background from preset graphic to solid white.
-Click on Show Intersections, Show Isocurves, etc., to taste.

From there, you just capture the viewport to file, and you've created a nice screen shot for client approval, or artist use in Photoshop or Illustrator.  Make sure you let the client know that every single line and edge won't show in crisp detail on the final sculpt, it's more of an indicator.  But it looks cool, and looking cool is 90% of the sale in sci-fi.

Let's put some recent models into the new viewing mode...

First, the 28mm Viper Suit (without canopy, for now)

Next, the Ravager Mecha, done for Critical Mass Games.

-I also created a separate copy of Line Art, but clicked Shaded. This gave me a nice setting that looks like old-school cel shaded 90's video game art.


Well, that's all for now.



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