Friday, May 12, 2017

Grav Tank 4: CNC Machining The Turret

Well, today was a day well spent, I must say.

Here are a series of Youtube videos (and a few stills) showing the progress I made from a simple sample block of tooling board (courtesy of the nice folks at ) to a grav tank turret that is pretty close to being thrown into a mold.

Just so you know, these are loud videos of machining operations, so you probably want to mute them.

I'll also give you short attention span types the finished result up front, then explore the details farther down...

Nice, eh?  That thing is smooth, let me tell ya...

So, onward we go into the process...

Initial Roughing Pass.

Knocking down the unmachined columns of stock material.

Roughing Pass is done.  The finish, is, well...rough.  So, we change out bits, and start the finish pass.

Starting the XY criss-cross finish pass.

Those nasty waterlines from the roughing pass go away, right before your eyes.

Pencil pass, to clean up the inside corners.  Very cool to watch.

And, again, the finished product.

 I think I'm on to something, here.  Pretty cool.


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