Thursday, November 3, 2016

Kickstarters And Other Offerings From Friends

Howdy, folks.

I've been busy writing and sculpting.  Also, a little overtime at work.  Basically, the same grind.  Not to worry.

However, I have some good news on upcoming and current offerings from friends of mine.

First is the Kickstarter effort from Anton Ducrot of Flytrap Factory fame.

Here's the link to the Caveman Vs Wild: The Big Chill Kickstarter.
It looks like a shedload of fun.  I'm a backer.

Brian Manning is a friend of mine from high school.  His second book is now out.  It's the sequel to Two Percent Power, called Spilled Milk.  Here's the glorious cover.  I want the hard copy, but if you're into the digital editions, they're out now.

Mister Harold, from Clearhorizon Miniatures, is continuing to spread the word and broaden the audience for Gruntz and 15mm Sci Fi Gaming.  He will be launching a Kickstarter on November 11th called the Sigma Event 2177.

Here's the link to the Sigma Event 2177 announcement page.  When it goes live, I'll be sure to update this post, as well as back it.  You should, too.

The miniatures are glorious, consisting of a sci-fi human army vs. nasty bio-bugs, in an easy-to-start set of streamlined rules adapted from Gruntz.

And last but not least, Lonnie Jones is offering some neat little 6mm figs called the Soldurios and Nanotech Warriors.  It's already funded, so come in for the big finale.

Here's the Kickstarter link for those Soldurios and Nanotech Warriors.  I'm a backer.

That's all I've got, for now.  Keep checking in on me.  I'm still grinding along!  ;)

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