Sunday, November 6, 2016

Animech Kickstarter Launches!

As many of you know, Rebel Mike and I have had a Kickstarter brewing for a few months.

Today is launch day.

Here's the link to Kickstarter...

Edit to add:  We funded in FOUR HOURS!  Whoohoo!
First and Second Stretch Goals were also reached on the first day.
Come on in and help out, without the guessing game of wondering if it will fund or not.

Here's some glorious original art for the project by John Dotegowski

And now some of the Animechs...Scorpion, Spider, and Wolf!

 Wolf, Spider, and Scorpion Mechs in a nasty purple and black scheme.

 Wolf, Spider, and Scorpion Mechs, shown with a 28mm and 15mm figure for size reference.

Scorpion and Spider Mech with 15mm fig for size ref.

 Wolf Mech with 15mm fig.

 Red Scorpion Mech in all its slaughterific glory.

 I dig the high-contrast paintjob on the Spider Mech.

 Wolf and Spider Mech with 28mm fig for size ref.  These would make great dual-use figs for you 28mm players.

Stay tuned.  This is about to fund as soon as it launched, and then the stretch goals will be flying.

Edit:  The project funded in the first four hours, and the first two stretch goals fell on the first day.  Now, every Animech includes a RUMV-compatible gun turret and missile turret!

On to the rest!

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